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Translation company JESCO has built up 55 year experience in various translations. We have made a part of industrial glossaries available.

* Computer  (computer, Internet, information technology, DVD, etc.)

       English--> French           A - C   D - H   I - O   P - Z & 0 - 9
       English--> German           A - C   D - K   L - R   S - Z
       English--> Spanish             A - Z
       English--> Dutch                A - L   M - Z

* Computer Glossary (English-French-Japanese)  >>>  英仏日コンピュータ用語集

* Computer Glossary (French-Japanese-English)  >>>  仏日英コンピュータ用語集

* Electrical and machine  (electricity, machinery, audio, etc.)

       English--> French            A - C   D - K   L - Q   R - S    T - Z
       English--> German             A - C   D - K   L - R   S - Z

JESCO manual series
*  French and manuals                 Useful English-French examples for beginners

JESCO chronological tables
* Japanese-English           Japanese-French           Japanese-German

* JESCO manages following bilingual sites for Japanese people. Check them out if you have a little knowledge of Japanese.

Japanese Law    -  How do you say Japanese laws in English?  Visit this website. Very well done.

English study room   - Janglish and mistakes frequently made by Japanese people.
Symbols, units and Latin words frequently used.


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