English/Japanese Translation Services

 for Customers Outside Japan

[General Information]

Job/Document Types
Brochures, Catalogs, Certificates, Immigration documents, Letters/E-mail, Manuals, Medical records/documents, Presentations, Questionnaires, User guides, Voice over scripts, Websites.

Industries/Markets/Subject Areas
Audio products, Automotive, Chemical, Consumer products, Digital products, Engineering, Financial/Banking, Food processing/Food analysis, Government, Health care, Machinery, Telecommunications, etc.

Services Offered
Document translation, Localization, Website translation.

[Basic Rates]

Language Rate
Japanese to English 12 yen per Japanese character
English to Japanese 12 yen per English word
  • Rates may vary depending on the situation; always ask for a free estimate.
  • Discounts will be considered for large volume projects or projects to translate into several languages at the same time.
  • For French or German translation, refer to the corresponding page. Feel free to contact us for other languages.

[Order Steps/Work Flow]

  1. Send the source document with instructions (source & target languages, deadline, preferred format of translation, etc.) by e-mail or fax.
  2. A quote will be sent via e-mail.
  3. Once the quote is agreed upon, we will e-mail you an invoice in PDF format.
  4. Make a payment accordingly.  (Account information, e.g. bank name/address, SWIFT code, etc., is on the invoice.)
  5. We start translation.
  6. You will receive the translation by e-mail.


  • We make every effort to provide accurate and proper translation. Should you find an error in our translation, please let us know; we will correct it immediately with no additional cost. However, no claim for any refund or compensation will be accepted in any circumstances.
  • JESCO reserves the right to modify the conditions on this page without prior notice. Placing an order shall be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions including such modifications.
  • Since the fee for the international bank transfer is higher than that for the domestic bank transfer, clients are advised to make a payment through an affiliate/acquaintance in Japan. This would help reduce the total cost and might change the conditions in the favor of the client.
  • Only bank transfer is accepted.
  • Payments must be made in advance in Japanese yen.
  • For projects costing over 300,000 yen, 60% of the cost must be paid in advance.
  • For projects costing lower than or equal to 300,000 yen, 100% of the cost must be paid in advance.
  • Completion of the payment shall be deemed to be placement of the order.
  • Any bank fees and commissions will be in charge of the customer.
  • Additional cost may be charged depending on the project content, or amount of extra work (data input, layout modification, etc.) required to complete translation.
           Any information and confidential documents submitted will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.

For more information, contact us:
E-mail: info@e-jesco.jp
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